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Why Real Estate Investment Specialists?

Thank you for visiting Real Estate Investment Specialists LLC! We are a multi-faceted residential real estate investment company; if you are looking to get started in real estate investment you have come to the right place! Whether it is a little push to get started or a total package turn-key investment, we’ve got you covered!

Here is a quick breakdown of our services
  • Real Estate Investing 101

    Fear of the unknown can be a major inhibitor to financial success. When it comes to real estate, a lack of knowledge about fundamental investing principles and strategies prevents many otherwise successful professionals from ever setting foot in the market. At REIS, we offer a free one-hour educational session to provide you with an overview of how real estate investing works, making you more knowledgeable about those unknowns and helping you determine if investing is right for you.

  • Finding the Right Property for You

    There’s no one size fits all approach in real estate investing. What might be a high-return opportunity for one investor could be an unadvisable risk for another. That’s why at REIS, we tailor our approach and recommendations for each individual client based on risk-tolerance, market conditions and needed property renovations.

  • Licensed Broker Services

    From opening the front door of a potential property to signing and closing the final deal, REIS will provide you with professional counsel and guidance throughout the entire investment process. We have the market knowledge, investing experience and licensed accreditation to get you to a place that’s right for you. Under no circumstances will we guide you to a decision that’s not right for you.

  • Renovating an Income Property

    Most properties need some level of renovation to make them tenant ready. At REIS, once we’ve helped you locate and close on the property, we have the experience and the resources to make it right for your future tenants—without being wrong for your budget. Our network of proven, competent and reliable contractors and designers will bring your new rental property up to its highest and best use, on-time and on-budget.

  • Tenant Location and Property Management

    You’re an investor, not a landlord. And with REIS’s turn-key Property Management services you’ll never have to deal with the constant stress and aggravation of finding and screening tenants, being on call for repairs, or collecting rent. We pride ourselves in providing market-leading property management services based on ethics, transparency and accountability. 

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