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We understand the potential that technology has for streamlining the relationship between property owner, property manager and tenant. We’ve invested in industry-leading property management and accounting software that allows us to serve you with the utmost efficiency and expediency while also offering a high level of transparency in the services we provide you.

Centralized data storage. Our software makes it easy to store information on properties in a secure and convenient manner and can be accessed online at anytime.

Faster maintenance and repairs. An online maintenance portal makes it simple for tenants and property owners to submit a work request and follow up on its status.

Properties marketed faster. We utilize an integrated system that allows us to professionally advertise your properties in a fast and efficient manner.  

Get paid quickly. We offer automated ACH services, allowing us to send your money directly to your bank account. Never wait for a check in the mail again.

Online application for prospective residents. With our online tenant application portal, putting the right person into your property becomes a quick, easy and paperless affair.

Faster rent payment solutions. We make it quicker and easier for all parties to pay and get paid. ACH or online rent payment for residents makes it faster for everyone while avoiding the expense and time of managing numerous rent checks.